ECTS system

CATAR applies the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System as a means of promoting student mobility, comparing study programs, and recognizing the achieved results and acquired qualifications. The credit value of each subject is expressed by the appropriate number of ECTS credits, while the scope of the study program is expressed by a set of compulsory and elective subjects in the study program and student practice. Between different study programs within the same cycle and type of study, ECTS credits can be transferred, and the criteria and conditions for transferring ECTS credits are prescribed by the general act of CATAR, or by bilateral agreements of higher education institutions. Study programs of undergraduate vocational studies at CATAR last six semesters and they carry a total of 180 ECTS credits. The average number of credits per semester is 30 ECTS. Master professional studies last four semesters and they carry 120 ECTS.

Methodology for assigning ECTS at CATAR:

In one school year, a student acquires at least 60 ECTS. One ECTS credit requires 25-30 hours of work, which means that a student has between 1500 and 1800 hours of work in all forms of teaching and all forms of individual learning during the year in order to master the material. The total student engagement consists of active teaching (lectures, exercises, etc.), independent work, colloquiums, tests, exams, final papers, student practice and other extracurricular activities (work in CATAR bodies, work in the local community, conferences, etc.).

By completing the pre-examination and examination obligations, the student can earn a maximum of 100 points. Each individual subject within a study program determines the number of points earned through pre-examination and examination activities. Pre-examination obligations carry at least 30 and maximum 70 points.

ECTS grading scale:
8 (C)-GOOD,
5 (F)-FAIL

ECTS Guide
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More about transfer of ECTS credits:
Rulebook On International Mobility Of Students And Transfer Of Ects Credits
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