Value of mobility

The aim of our program is to allow students to go abroad and broaden their horizons, gain experience and improve language learning. Depending on the specifically chosen activities, students can also choose the duration of their studies and internship, and also partial or complete studies. The choice of countries offered includes EU and ex-Yugoslav countries. Students may apply for participation in the activities, either on their own or through their home higher education institution.

Mobility creates conditions for students and teachers to work together in multinational groups and benefit from the special teaching and learning environment, which helps them to form a new approach to the subjects being studied. In addition, they create an opportunity to look at the subjects studied from a new perspective, share experience about the content of teaching and methodology of study programmes and test teaching methods in an international classroom environment.

The ‘Erasmus+’ Student Mobility for Studies action enables students at higher education and research institutions to spend an integrated period of studying in another country participating in the ‘Erasmus+’ Programme.

Mentioned activities allow students to gain knowledge in the field of academic studies, language and culture, promote cooperation between institutions, thus enriching the educational environment of host institutions. They contribute to the development of a pool of internationally experienced young people as future professionals and facilitate credit transfer and recognition of foreign studies under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) or equivalent credit system.

Also, under the ‘Erasmus+’ programme, students can practice in an enterprise or organization in another ‘Erasmus+’ programme participating country. Participants can acquire specific skills to expand their understanding of concrete country’s economic and social culture, to gain practical experience in the organization of the EU, access to the EU labour market characteristics.