Information technologies

The future cannot be imagined without information technologies (IT) and people who will use these potentials. IT is a part of our everyday lives, present in all spheres of business. Why wouldn’t they be a part of your future call?

We are the only Higher Education Institution which, in cooperation with Faculty of Organisational Sciences, implements the IT study program. A modern program, designed according to the ITS model of Faculty of Organisational Sciences. The content of the course makes this study program very applicable in practice.

An ECDL certificate (a European recognized computer certificate) can be obtained during these studies as well.

Due to the increase in use of information systems more attention is being paid to the education of experts in the field of computer sciences.

Reasons for introducing the new study program Information technologies are much greater and it can be concluded, based on relevant data, that there are several secondary technical schools, in the immediate environment, that implement lower-level programs which represent an introduction to the study program Information Technologies at CATAR. Furthermore, the need for professional information scientists within the labor market has been recognized as well.

Number of places for enrollment

Study program




Information technologies 25 25 50

* the number of budget students is approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

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The purpose of the study program

The purpose of the Information Technologies study program is to form a knowledge base that is necessary for modern information scientists. Graduated students acquire the skills and knowledge they need to face the challenges of future work in areas and systems that are related to computers, information, communication and multimedia technologies. Insofar as the field of information science and computer science is continually evolving, students of the Information Technologies study program strive towards constant research.
The purpose of the study program is to educate students who, by graduation, must be prepared to:

– Transfer knowledge and apply them in institutions which already have or are planning to introduce computer and information systems, or communication and multimedia technologies.
– Administrate, supervise, manage, and maintain resources and computer systems, information and communication technologies of individuals and organizations.
– Explore, broaden their knowledge in order to keep up with new technologies and monitor changes in the development of computer, information and communication technologies.
– Understand and contribute to the scientific, mathematical and theoretical foundations on which computer, information, communication and multimedia technologies are based.
– Upon completing the studies, students are educated to provide solutions to most of everyday problems in information systems functioning.
Some of the positions that graduated information technology students can take are:
– System Administrator;
– Network Technician;
– Software Engineer;
– Database Developer;
– System Programmer;
– Application Programmer;
– System Analysis Engineer;
– Communication System Specialist;
– Computer Network Administrator;
– Informatics Teacher;
– Database Manager / Administrator;
– Information Technology Consultant;
– Information and Communication Technology Manager;
– Specialist for Multimedia Systems;
– Web designer;
– E-System Administrator;

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